How it Works.

We scan your
original key.
Save a digital spare
to your phone.
Securely cut a new
key from your phone.
How it works

Cutting a Duplicate Key.

Step One: Take your smartphone with the KeyHero app to the key cutting area of your local hardware store.

Step Two: Log in to your KeyHero app, select the key you need cut, and press "Cut Key".

Step Three: A Key Center associate will generate a one-time use, 7-digit PIN# on the KeyKrafter™ machine. When prompted, enter the PIN# into your KeyHero app.

Step Four: Verify the name of the key you selected, and press "Cut Key" again.

Step Five: Your digital key will be sent to the KeyKrafter for the associate to finish the key cutting process.

Step Six: Take your newly cut key to the register and checkout.

How it works

Sharing a Digital Key.

Step One: Select the key you want to share in the KeyHero app.

Step Two: Enter the phone number or email address of the person you want to share with.

Step Three: Press "Share My Key!"

They will receive a text or email with instructions on how to download the KeyHero app and set up their account. If they already have a KeyHero account, the key you shared will be available in their Key List momentarily.