We care about your peace of mind.

We took that challenge seriously. Our engineering, product development, and technology expert teams started to develop a platform that insured security at every point of information transmission.

The process starts at our KeyKrafter™ key cutting machine at your local retailer. You are required to scan your key at one of our many great national retail partners to ensure the security of your digital key creation and upload. Our KeyKrafter™ key cutting machine offers industry proven protection of your key data, utilizing state of the art security methods to keep your keys safe, secure, and encrypted.

The download and registration of the KeyHero™ app simply requires a name and e-mail address. You are never asked to share your physical address, credit/debit card number, or any other personal information. We do this on purpose. We want your key tied to your phone and the app only; never to your personal identity. Beyond that, each and every time the app is accessed a password is required. So even if your phone is out of your hands your digital keys won't be at risk.

Finally, to get a physical copy of your key you have to return to one of our retail partner locations with your phone and app in hand. You have to access the app with your password and then validate the transmission of the key to the KeyKrafter™ key cutting machine with a temporary pin code. Just one more way for us to make sure there are security measures at every step of the process.

Above all, we built an app using the highest proven security standards, including PKI certificates and rule-based logic. Our advanced, customized technology system provides multiple levels of security based on five core elements:

  • Authentication
  • Authorization
  • Encryption
  • Validation
  • Entropy